Satori Coaching Programs will uplift, engage and inspire you to new heights in your personal and professional life. You will learn a simple approach to dealing with complicated issues in a complex world. Whatever the problem is, love is part of the solution. Love is an acronym for Living On Vital Energy and by removing the blocks of stress, worry, fear and doubt, you will restore your natural flow of balanced energy to move forward towards living your dreams.


Carol Gutzeit, Founder

Carol is an author, speaker and life coach who has a passion for helping people find their balance, discover inner peace, and live their dreams. Carol has been teaching, coaching, writing and blogging for over 30 years to reach as many people as possible with her transformational message of personal freedom. She has created three Satori Coaching Programs as a way to make a positive difference in people's lives. 

Carol wrote Satori Living: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love  as a manual for life. She created Satori Yoga as a daily practice for a balanced life and produced the video for home use. Carol is also the author of a fictional love story:  Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori.

Carol believes in practicing what she teaches and lives the Satori lifestyle in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.  

My Awakening

This is a photo of the beach in Laie, Hawaii where I experienced Satori; an instant awakening. I was running as fast as I could, as I often did on my final lap back to Laie Point, when I suddenly became one with everything. It was as though I was observing myself running without any effort and realizing that I was so much more than my physical body. I was in a state of pure bliss that transformed the rest of my life. It seems I had to get out of my body to learn how to live in my body. I woke up from the trance of my ego long enough to understand the true nature of existence. Ever since I had this transformational experience when I was 33 I've been on a journey to live an awakened life and help others to wake up and remember who they really are. 

Finding My Balance

My love for running led me to a career in fitness as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher. In my free time I trained for marathons and triathlons and enjoyed windsurfing, kayaking, wave skiing, mountain biking, and tennis during the 28 years I lived in Hawaii.

One day while I was playing tennis I stepped back on top of a tennis ball, sprained my ankle and fell. At first I felt sorry for myself because this injury was going to get in the way of my very active lifestyle. I was also a single mom of three children who were just as active as I was.

I decided that if this happened for a reason that perhaps I could grow from the experience. I meditated and asked for a message and the answer I got was: imbalance. 

When I looked at my life to see where the imbalance was it became clear to me that because I was so focused on my physical fitness that the mental, emotional and spiritual parts were out of balance.

While I recovered from my injury I meditated every day and journaled afterwards. What came through me during that healing time was the Satori Yoga practice and Satori Lifestyle Program that I've been teaching and writing about for over 30 years.

That tennis ball helped me find my balance!

My Journey

We’re all on a hero’s journey to awakening. The ego starts to form around two years of age and depending on our upbringing and the experiences we had in childhood we either developed positive or negative beliefs about ourselves.  

I experienced the trauma of abandonment at the age of two when I had surgery and the doctor wouldn’t allow my parents to visit me for a week. I left the hospital with the misbelief that I wasn't good enough. My wounded ego took over to help me survive and one of its strategies was to become a people pleaser. This role created one painful experience after another that imprinted even more disempowering beliefs in my subconscious mind. Since the subconscious runs 95% of our lives, I was living my life from the perspective of a wounded ego . . . until I woke up. 

My call to adventure happened at the age of 33 doing what I loved. Running on the beach in front of my home in Hawaii and then diving in the ocean at the end of my run was one of my favorite things to do. No wonder this is when my soul chose to wake up and rescue me from my wounded ego. I was being called to become an awakened entrepreneur.

Once I answered the call I started on a quest for knowledge by voraciously reading one book after another. I read all of Wayne Dyer’s books at that time and that’s where I learned the Zen word Satori. When I realized that it described the instant awakening I experienced while running on the beach I used the word Satori to describe the yoga practice and lifestyle program that would become the foundation of my business. I met Wayne Dyer in Maui when he was giving a talk. He kissed me on the cheek and said: “Hello gorgeous!” and from that brief encounter, and his books, he became my mentor.

I have faced numerous challenges on my hero’s journey. Some of them were opportunities for growth and others turned into miracles. I have learned to value the whole journey from finding my balance to discovering inner peace and living my dream of becoming an awakened entrepreneur.

I'm still on a journey to awakening and I would love to support you on yours. Feel free to email me at:  [email protected] to schedule a free 30-minute phone coaching session.


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