Live Your Dreams

When dreams become frozen in the past only the warmth of your present attention allows them to thaw and flow into a beautiful future. Living your dreams will eventually lead you to manifest your best destiny. 
There is no dream too big or challenge to great when you’re committed to finding a way. Dreams usually manifest step-by-step. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith to overcome fear or self-doubt but most of the time you simply take one step at a time to make gradual progress until your dream comes to fruition. 
I recently heard Oprah interview Diana Nyad about being the first person to swim 111 miles from Cuba to Florida, without a shark cage, when she was 64. She had attempted this grueling marathon swim four times before, and finally made it the fifth time.
Whenever she doubted that she could finish, her trainer and best friend who was coaching her from the boat told her to find a way. Diana used that mantra to keep going. She would find a way to swim through the night, then find a way to go another five minutes, she'd find a way to master her mind after hallucinating from lack of sleep, and ultimately she found a way to finish. Her message to the crowd that greeted her was: "Never, ever, give up!"
Diana said that she had had this dream for thirty years but recommitted to it after her mother died at the age of 82. When she realized she may only have twenty or so years left to become the woman she was meant to be, she decided to find a way to fulfill her dream. Diana said the fame and recognition paled in comparison to how proud she was of herself.
I suggest that we all adopt the mantra, find a way, when it comes to fulfilling our dreams.These three little words combine the power of intention with the strength of commitment. You can always find a way with the right mindset, authentic support, and the determination to never give up.
The beginning of a new year and new decade is the perfect time to start living your dreams. If you would like my support, email me at: . It would be my honor to coach you.

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