Satori Wisdom ~ I Am a Free Spirit

A free spirit lives by their own wishes and is unconstrained by society. If your spirit is waiting to be set free there is no time like the present for a Christmas miracle. Unleash your spirit and let the magic begin.  

“I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am.”  ~ Princess Diana

You were born a free spirit. In this world of duality you are both spirit and form. Your physical self has been conditioned by a fear-based society, while your spiritual self dwells in a state of love. Free your spirit and shift from fear to love.

To become more of a free spirit you must march to the beat of your own drum. That means to trust your intuition, be wildly creative, live in the present moment, be adventurous, create a balanced life, find your joy, and live your dreams.  

Free spirits are attracted to one another. They can be seen soaring together in their version of heaven on earth. You can either choose to watch them from the ground or set your spirit free and fly with them.

As a physical being you have limitations. As a spiritual being you are unlimited. When you remember that you're a spiritual being first and foremost then your physical self can reach its full potential with the guidance of your soul.

A free spirit doesn't waste time worrying. Use your mental and emotional energy to solve problems, change your circumstances, or simply visualize the best future rather than imagining the worst possible outcome.

A free spirit is a born leader. When you know how to rely on your soul for guidance in any situation, your confidence, focus and courage will make you someone that others want to listen to and learn from.

If you try to free your spirit with the use of alcohol or drugs you will only experience a temporary high. That's because in the physical world what goes up must come down. The best way to free your spirit is with a spiritual practice that allows you to turn inward and upward. Prayer, meditation, yoga, journaling and being in nature are five ways to connect with your spirit. 


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