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The soul is pure love living in a state of joy. You'll know that you're connected with your higher self when you're feeling good. Embody your childlike goodness by staying connected to your soul and it will always guide you to the best course of action.

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


The voice of your soul is intuition; your body is its physical form; your emotions are its language; your mind is its instrument; and your ego is its companion. Connect with your soul on every level and it will guide you to your highest good.

One way to hear the intuitive voice of your soul is to invite it to speak to you through the written word. You can sit quietly, take several deep breaths to calm your nervous system, and then write your soul a question. Continue journaling whatever comes through as an answer.

Your body is the physical manifestation of your thoughts, emotions, past traumas, and lifestyle choices. Your soul knows what needs to be cleared out of your body to heal and come back to a natural state of balance. Pay attention to your physical symptoms as they are messages from your soul.

Relationships often trigger emotions and past traumas that have been suppressed. Consider this an opportunity to learn the language of your soul so that you can understand what your emotions are really trying to tell you.

Your soul directs the mind to be an instrument for creativity. A mantra is an instrument of thought that can direct your mind towards what your soul wants to create or experience. Use the mantra: "I am connected to my soul " as a declaration for strengthening this spiritual connection.

The ego is a companion for your soul but it was never meant to be in charge. You'll know if your ego has taken control when your thoughts become fear-based, resentful or judgmental. Switch over to your soul by looking for the goodness in yourself and others.

When you are fully connected to your soul it will be easy to connect with others soul to soul. You will attract people who are living from their hearts and you may be drawn to a community of like-minded souls you can relate to at this level. 

 With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit



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