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To create consciously it's helpful to know about the natural cycles of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Creation is aligned with nature; maintenance can lead to stagnation; and destruction clears the way for more creation to emerge.

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."  ~ Pablo Picasso


You are a creative being and you're here to create. Whenever you give birth to an idea, project, or another human, you are in the flow of life. This natural desire for creation is part of your soul's blueprint. Get your creative juices flowing by focusing on your next creation.

If you stay too long in the maintenance cycle you're in danger of getting stuck in the status quo of life. It's usually uncomfortable at first to break out of your comfort zone, and yet it's always worth the discomfort to create something new.

The destruction cycle can show up as loss, failure, crisis or a time for letting go of what isn't working. See this phase as clearing the way for something new and it will be easier to get through it. Even nature has the season of winter to make way for the creations of spring.

Old paradigms that were created out of fear and unconsciousness have been maintained for far too long. These paradigms are headed for the destruction cycle so that something new can be born. Commit to creating a new paradigm that is based on love rather than fear.

A conscious creator knows that beliefs form thoughts, thoughts generate feelings, feelings drive actions, and actions produce results. You are literally believing, thinking, and speaking your reality into existence. If you're coming from negative beliefs you will get negative results. When you create with a positive mindset you get positive outcomes.   

Focus is power. Simply by focusing on creation you'll receive all the power you need to bring something new into the world. Use your unique gifts and talents to contribute more beauty, wisdom, joy, and love to humanity and you'll naturally experience inner peace and fulfillment.

Pause before you begin your day to focus on the creation of planet earth and decide how you want to show up and be of service. Tap into the field of infinite potentiality with a morning ritual that inspires you to be a conscious creator.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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