Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Fiercely Committed

Just like a mama bear is fiercely committed to her cubs, you are being called to fiercely commit to what you hold sacred. Get clear on your highest values and take a stand for what matters to you.

“I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.” ~ Margaret Mead


Use your fierce feminine and masculine power to speak your truth. It takes courage to stand up for your beliefs and commit to being a leader. Let your inner fierceness be a force for good in the world. 

Fierceness builds strength. Just like lifting weights builds strong muscles, lifting people up develops inner strength. Commit to uplifting and inspiring others and be aware of how strong you feel.

Be fiercely committed to your health. Boost your immune system, eat organic, exercise daily, get up and move every hour, breathe deeply, get grounded, spend time in nature, bask in the sunshine, reduce stress, and get rid of toxins from your body, mind, and home. Your precious body needs you to be fiercely committed to wellness.

The disease to please is fear-based. When you feel good about what you do for others you're acting out of love rather than fear. Be a fierce human who is deeply committed to love and lives with integrity.

Recall an experience from your childhood when you were being fierce and felt validated for your passion. Now remember a childhood experience when your intensity felt unacceptable. As an adult it's up to you to accept every part of yourself and commit to being authentic.

 When you look in the mirror this week say: "I am fiercely committed!" Focus on your eyes and see how they light up with this statement. You'll be making a commitment to living your life full out, and all in.  

Being committed to yourself involves letting go of chronic stress. Resisting your fierce nature is a source of stress because it comes from allowing others to have control over you. Take back your power by accepting your fierceness as a natural expression of your fiery spirit.  

Fierce Pain

I woke up one morning with a fierce pain in my lower back on the left side. At first I thought I must have strained a muscle lifting weights. I soon realized that this pain was different from anything I had ever experienced before. When I started vomiting I knew I was dealing with more than a sore back. 

Intuitively I thought it was a kidney stone, even though I’d never had one before. I asked my daughter Nichole to look up the symptoms on the internet and the information she found confirmed my diagnosis. I asked her to look up natural remedies for me and she found a supplement called Royal Chanka Piedra (stone breaker).

Nichole went to Vitamin Cottage and purchased the supplement. I took two capsules and within five minutes the fierce pain was gone. I continued taking the recommended dosage throughout the day and the following day. On the third day I felt good enough to go for a walk at the lake with Nichole and Yogi (chocolate lab). That’s when the pain started again. Luckily we weren’t far from the parking lot and Nichole drove me home. I immediately took the supplement and once again the pain went away. This time Nichole and my husband Michael were more concerned and encouraged me to get checked out by a doctor.

I called the hotline number on my insurance card and talked to a nurse who agreed with my diagnosis. She recommended I go to an urgent care clinic where I could get a CT scan. 

When I got to the clinic I described the pain I’d been having and said that I thought it was a kidney stone but the PA didn’t agree with my diagnosis. I was given a urine test and a blood test that supported the kidney stone diagnosis. I had a CT scan and while I waited for the results I was hooked up to an IV to hydrate me. The scan confirmed that I had a small kidney stone that had already traveled from my kidney to my bladder and would most likely pass in the next few days.

The doctor told me he would write me three prescriptions; one for pain, one for nausea, and one to help the stone pass. I took the Royal Chanka Piedra natural remedy out of my purse to show him what I’d been taking that had already helped but he wasn’t interested and told me that it was just a coincidence that I got any relief from taking it.

I only filled the one prescription that was supposed to help the stone pass but when I read the possible side effects that included death, I decided not to take it. I continued taking the natural remedy and it worked without any negative side-effects. I didn’t experience any more pain, even when it passed. Stone Breaker did what its name implied.

I am fiercely committed to my health by using natural remedies whenever possible and relying on preventive care as much as possible. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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