Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Finding Joy

Joy is your natural state. It's that spark of the divine that lives deep inside your heart and moves you towards the light of your highest potential. You'll find joy when you're fully engaged in the present moment.  

“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” ~ Emily Dickinson


Children know that joy is their true nature. It's easy for them to find their joy because it hasn't been covered up by years of struggle. Trade all of your struggles for joy and renew your childlike zest for life.

Life is not a problem to be solved, it's an adventure to be enjoyed. You'll discover joy when you put your attention on being alive. Notice how good it feels to experience every moment of your life for the first time. 

Joy is connected to meaning and purpose. It's how you feel when you're rising up to meet your full potential. When you remember what you came here to do, and start doing it, you'll experience the joy of living on purpose. 

Joy will take you to beautiful places, it will attract amazing people, and it gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Simply allow the light of joy to shine through and it will illuminate the best path for you to follow. 

You can find joy through acceptance. Accepting what is releases the struggle of resistance and allows you to experience whatever is happening with grace and ease. The joy of acceptance is an expression of your soul.  

Your authentic self is joyful. It's the part of you that doesn't have to be perfect, doesn't need to be a pleaser or give too much to feel loved and appreciated. Joy is at the center of who you really are, and that's always good enough.

The practice of gratitude will lead you to joy. Simply by focusing on what you appreciate in each moment will cause joy to expand within your heart and soul. If you can be grateful for the challenges as well as the blessings, you'll find joy in every experience.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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