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Living in a state of gratitude is a mindset that comes from an open heart. Being grateful for everything in your life allows you to see the world through a lens of love. Every relationship and circumstance has the potential to reveal the power of gratefulness.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”    ~ Melody Beattie


No matter what life brings your way, focus on being grateful and you can turn any challenge into an opportunity. Gratitude is a virtue that makes all other virtues possible. Live with an appreciation for life and you'll attract more goodness to appreciate. 

Be grateful for your body by spending a few minutes every day appreciating it. Sit in silence, close your eyes and smile. Take several deep breaths and begin by saying thank you to all of your organs and systems. Be sure to include the physical senses of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell in your gratitude meditation practice.

Train you mind to focus on being grateful by starting a gratitude practice. This may include journaling what you're grateful for each day, appreciating the beauty found in nature, using I Am Grateful as a daily mantra, and expressing gratitude to family and friends. With a grateful heart the mind forgets to complain.  

Relationships that are based on love cannot be destroyed by fear. Remember to look for the beauty in one another to appreciate what love is. Respect holds a relationship together and gratitude reveals its beauty. Live with the intention of resonating at the frequency of gratitude and your relationships will thrive.

The intersection between your mind and heart holds your spiritual wisdom. It's the inner knowing that always points you in the direction of your highest good. Every time you trust your higher self you learn to appreciate the wisdom of your soul. Be grateful you have a soul to guide you and trust your intuition to help you discern the truth.

Express gratitude for your food and the nourishment that it provides. Before you eat, pause to say a blessing and then practice eating slowly and mindfully. Thank You are the two magical words that can turn a ordinary meal into an extraordinary feast, especially when you share it with others. 

Gratitude turns lack into abundance. When you're grateful for what you already have you align yourself with the abundant flow of the universe. From food, clothing and shelter to health, relationships and career; everything you appreciate naturally expands. 


With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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