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healing health Jun 20, 2022
Photo by Carol Gutzeit
As the caretaker of your body you are responsible for supporting its healing. Every choice you make either increases or decreases your physical well-being and longevity. Invest in your health and it will provide a return on investment for the rest of your life. 
“Awareness is the first step in healing.” ~ Dean Ornish
It’s a privilege to be in a body, and an obligation to take care of it. You’re obligated to give your body the same level of attention you would give to a newborn. After all, your body is being reborn every day of your life and it depends on you to fulfill its needs. Put your faith in vibrant health as a way to heal and rejuvenate your body. 
Nutrition has proven to be an essential component for self-healing. Add more organic raw foods to your diet and you’ll be getting the nutrients your body needs to heal and be healthy. The more enzyme-rich fruits and veggies you eat, the better you will feel.
Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and mushrooms tend to resemble the parts of your body they support. For example: carrots for eyes; tomatoes for the heart; kidney beans for kidneys; walnuts for the brain; celery for bones; mushrooms for ears. Mother Nature always provides the best natural remedies for your health and healing.
Drink plenty of water because dehydration is often the underlying cause of illness. If your urine is clear then you know you’re getting enough water. You can flavor purified drinking water with lemon, lime, cucumber or a splash of organic fruit juice. Adding sea salt or liquid minerals will fortify your water with essential nutrients. 
Strengthening your immune system plays a major role in healing your body. Spending time in nature and getting Vitamin D from the sun combined with natural supplements to boost your intake of Vitamin C, D, zinc, quercetin, and magnesium will also help. 
Lowering stress not only helps your body to heal, it also prevents illness and disease. Chronic stress leads to chronic illness so it makes sense that less stress leads to better health. Be aware of when you're feeling stressed and counter the negative effects with deep breathing, relaxation, soothing music, journaling, yoga or a walk in nature.
Discovering who you really are and living an authentic life has been proven to cause spontaneous healing. When you know who you are, you know what you need to thrive. Give yourself permission to heal your body and live your best life with authenticity.
With love and light,
Carol Gutzeit

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