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healing inner child May 16, 2022

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Caring for your inner child is about addressing unmet needs from childhood and healing emotional traumas. The process begins by creating a safe place for your inner child to hang out with you. Healing your inner world transforms your outer world.
"I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.” ~ John Bradshaw. 
You’ll know that your inner child needs healing if you have any of the following issues: chronic illness, take things personally, have an inner critic, react rather than respond, trouble sleeping, feel depressed, struggle with addiction, deal with weight issues, feel that you're not good enough, impatient, or difficulty expressing yourself. 
It’s helpful to know that you’re not the only one with a wounded inner child. The first step to healing this part of yourself is to acknowledge it. The second step is to provide a safe and loving space for healing. The third step is to be aware of emotional triggers that alert you to unconscious emotional traumas. The fourth step is to heal past traumas or dysfunction either through conversation or written dialogue with your inner child.
Body issues are directly related to emotional wounds. Your root chakra, located at the base of your spine, is associated with your inner child and rules your immune system, bones and joints, as well as legs and feet. When you heal your wounded child you balance this energy center and create a solid foundation for your physical health.
The voice of your inner critic could be that of a parent or sibling. The next time it has something judgmental to say notice who it reminds you of. Knowing that this inner critic has been passed down from generation to generation means that it's up to you to end the cycle of self-abuse by silencing your inner critic and healing your inner child. 
Being highly reactive comes from taking things personally and trying to control the outer world in order to feel safe. When you get triggered it helps to soothe your inner child with comforting words that reassure your small vulnerable self that you are safe and secure. As a loving, compassionate adult this is how you re-parent the child within. 
Healing your inner child creates a safe place for you to explore the positive traits of your younger self. Recall what you loved doing as a child and make time to engage in those activities. Use mindfulness as a way to be fully present and you may discover that your inner child is the part of you that loves to have fun and enjoy life.
Curiosity and creativity are two childlike qualities that will serve you well as an adult. Be curious about life by exploring both your inner and outer worlds. Unlock your creativity by going within for inspiration, and going outside to connect with nature. Curiosity and creativity will help you find your joy and elevate your life.  
With love and light,
Carol Gutzeit 


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