Satori Wisdom - I Am Leaving the Past Behind

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

The past may leave a trail behind you but it doesn't have the power to create a path in front of you. Although it causes a ripple effect made of life experiences, they have all been for your soul's highest good and evolution. Keep moving forward in the direction of enlightenment.

“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.”  ~ Denis Waitley


However you choose to move your body throughout the day, set an intention that with each forward step you take you are leaving the past behind and fully entering the present moment. This will help your body let go of any physical discomfort it may be carrying related to the past.

When others judge you, or you judge yourself, for what you did in the past it's helpful to remember that you're not defined by your past experiences; it's who you become as a result of what you've been through that defines who you are now. Allow your intuition to guide you to live in the present where life lessons can actually be useful.

The past can either be a source of wisdom or a source of pain. You get to choose depending on how you view the past. It's like driving a car looking mostly in the rearview mirror; you're bound to hit something in front of you and get hurt if you keep looking backwards. If you use that same mirror as a tool to move ahead safely you will be using it wisely.

Your past includes a variety of relationships from your family of origin to the friends you choose and the family you create. Some of those relationships will last a lifetime, some will be for a long time, and others will only last a short time. However long they last there is always something to learn.

Have you updated your wardrobe in the last few years or are you still wearing clothing that no longer makes a statement about where you are now in your life? Are you holding on to clothes that even have painful memories associated with them? Get rid of anything that doesn't bring out the best in you.  

Is your home holding onto the past in the form of clutter? Pick a room, closet, or drawer and begin clearing out the old to make room for the new. You'll discover that when you clear clutter from your environment you also open up space in your mind and heart for fresh ideas and experiences to enter.

Cutting ties to the past can be done with a ritual. You can write a letter, and then burn or bury it; you can light a candle and imagine cutting a cord to a past memory or person; or you can visit a stream and throw something natural into it, (like a pinecone) with the intention to release something from your past. 

 With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit


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