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There is an edge between the ordinary fear-based world and the extraordinary love-centered world. When you're on the edge considering the call to adventure you can either answer the call or refuse it. The choice is yours.  

“There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you’re on the wrong wall.” ~ Joseph Campbell


Your ego may refuse the call to adventure because the path appears too difficult and the final destination seems unreachable. If you've always played it safe or done what was expected of you, your calling will require an essential shift in consciousness from fear to love. Trust your soul to guide you on the path of love to fulfill your destiny.

It's helpful to know that refusing the call is a stage of the hero's journey that leads to meeting a mentor. If you were heading out into unknown territory to embark on a great adventure and you knew nothing about where you were going, you might have second thoughts and refuse to go. Find a guide who is familiar with the territory because having a mentor will alleviate your concerns and allow you to answer the call.

Self-sabotage is a form of refusing the call. If you allow the past to come into the present with the voice of fear you will sabotage your future. Ask the voice of love, that is always available in the present, to give you a fresh perspective on your true calling. It isn't necessarily about your career but it will require personal growth for the evolution of your soul.

Collectively we're all being called to step into the power of our divine feminine and divine masculine. It doesn't matter what gender you are because you have both aspects within. It simply means to trust your intuitive guidance, and then follow through with inspired action. There is no more doing for the sake of doing in the extraordinary world.

The hero within is always aware of the big picture and is looking for ways to be of service. The ego isn't interested in the big picture, it merely wants to survive. If you allow your ego to be in charge you may survive but you're less likely to thrive. Invite your ego to be a passenger and let your soul be the driver on the journey to the extraordinary world.

Resistance to your calling is a strategy that the ego uses to protect you from looking foolish or taking unnecessary risks. It believes in the status quo and would rather live on the edge than take a leap of faith. The problem with this approach is that you miss the life that is waiting for you in order to live the life that is already known. Become the hero of your story by choosing to live the life of your dreams. Regard any excuses that arise as thoughts, not facts.

Refusal of the call is often based on the fact that it's inconvenient. It's simply a matter of seeing that what's in the way, is the way. If inconvenience is in the way, being inconvenienced is the way to get on your right path. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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