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Photo by Carol Gutzeit

Live with the intention of attracting and creating miracles and the virtues of human existence will be revealed. You can always find something remarkable to marvel at in the natural world. Think of nature as a template for living an intentional life. 

“Our intention creates our reality.” ~ Wayne Dyer
Intentional living is a soulful approach to life. It means that you have transcended your wounded ego in order to create a life you truly deserve. Once you commit to choosing joy over suffering all of your actions will be aligned with the power of that intention.
Intentional health is at the core of living well. Illness is your body’s way of informing you about an imbalance that needs your attention. Once you realize why you’re leaking life force energy you can take the necessary steps to seal the leak and restore balance. 
The intention to introduce novelty into your life awakens dormant creativity. Although some routines can be useful, too much routine causes mental dormancy. Intentional living comes from integrating new ways of thinking and being into everything you do. 
Intentional love is at the heart of a meaningful life. When you intend to choose love over fear, everything changes. Fear is a program that humans have been conditioned to use as their default system. The only way to break free is to act intentionally.  
No amount of fame and fortune will ever compensate for a lack of fulfillment. Living with the intention to create a life of meaning and purpose is the basis of true freedom.
You'll discover you have everything you need to be happy and free once you decide to create your life on purpose.
Intentional eating is both an art and a science. The art of eating well is based on the creation of beautiful, nutritious meals. The science of healthy eating comes from knowing how organic whole foods support the health of your organic whole body.
An intentional life is filled with joy and miracles while the unintentional life consists of pain and suffering. This lifestyle choice is based on your willingness to either use the power of intention, or not. If you're willing, you can start your day by declaring who you intend to be and what you choose to create. For example: I intend to be kind and compassionate and create peace and harmony in my relationships.   

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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