Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Making Curiosity a Habit

Curiosity is a magical quality you had as a child. Your imagination soared with each new experience, person, place or thing that was introduced into your world. As an adult, making curiosity a habit will help you stay young at heart.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~ Walt Disney


The best thing about making curiosity a habit is that it will become automatic. You won't have to think about being curious because it will be second nature, like when you were a child. Your world will expand each time you're genuinely intrigued by what it has to offer.

Curiosity will take you on a treasure hunt to discover your passion. When you're curious you begin following clues that could lead you to your life purpose, deeper relationships, better health, real success, and true happiness.  

A curious mind is an open mind. It uses new experiences to feed its imagination with fresh thinking, different perspectives, and thoughtful questions. Develop a mind that thinks outside the box and you'll discover unlimited resources that will make your life a great adventure. 

It takes anywhere from 21 days to form a simple habit to 66 days to establish a harder one. I would rate the habit of curiosity as somewhat simple so give it a try for at least 21 days. Even a week into it you'll notice that your life is more interesting, and so are you.

Be curious about people. Think of strangers as friends you haven't met yet. When you talk to someone have a big conversation rather than making small talk. Ask people what they're excited about or looking forward to and see where the conversation takes you.

Animals are naturally curious. Observe domesticated or wild animals to see how their curiosity keeps them fully engaged in the present moment. You can learn the art of presence by watching animals. Notice how quickly they let go of what has already happened so they can move on to what's next.

Curiosity can become a superpower. It will magically open new doors, improve relationships, create friendships, and provide a sense of belonging. Appreciate everything curiosity brings, and you'll have more to appreciate. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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