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Photo by Chris Gutzeit

You live in a field of energy. The way you manage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy determines the quality of your life. Promise yourself that you will pay attention to these energy resources and manage them like your life depends on it.

“To be fully engaged, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.” ~ Jim Loehr 

Your masculine side relates to your body and mind while your feminine side is associated with your heart and spirit. It’s important to pay attention to the energy of both sides so that you can benefit from the synergy that naturally strengthen your chi.
Managing the life force energy that is keeping you alive begins with lowering stress. Stress blocks energy and prevents it from circulating freely in your body. Take frequent movement breaks throughout the day to release tension and increase vitality.
Managing your creative energy will keep your mind actively engaged with life. First imagine what you would like to create and then devise a plan of action. Every step you take towards your vision will train your mind to focus on the present moment while having clear intentions, goals and dreams for the future. 
Managing your emotional energy is the foundation of healthy relationships. Being responsible for your own feelings puts you in charge of your own wellbeing. This requires healing emotional wounds from the past so that you can connect with others from a an open-hearted place of love.  
Managing divine energy is simply a matter of plugging into this resource. It requires stillness in the mind and body so that you can hear the voice of your intuition and sense the presence of your soul. Use prayer and meditation to activate this connection and you'll become aligned with your higher purpose.
You take in energy through your eyes and ears. What you allow yourself to see and hear determines the kind of energy you bring into your energy field. Fear, hatred and violence have a way of depleting your life force and may cause you to seek energy in artificial ways. Filter out bad vibes so that you have more room for good vibes.
Energy comes in through your nose and mouth. Breathing deeply has a positive effect on how you feel, and what you eat impacts your health on every level. Make deep breathing and healthy eating a top priority and your energy level will rise. In addition to energy coming in, what comes out of your mouth either sustains or depletes your life force. Remember to choose your words wisely because they have the power to create.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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