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Photo by Carol Gutzeit

The pinecone represents enlightenment. The four pathways to becoming enlightened are as close as your body, mind, heart and spirit. Focus on maintaining a healthy body so you'll have a reliable vehicle for your journey.

True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one's own self being fully realized. 

~ Dalai Lama


Your body is one pathway to enlightenment. Every message it gives you is a sign that points you in the right direction. If you ignore your body's signals you may end up taking a detour to your soul's destination.

Create a passion project for your body. Decide what you feel passionate about when it comes to health and fitness. Use your passion to fuel a project that will take you on the physical pathway to enlightenment.

Acceptance of your body just the way it is can lead to enlightenment. Your ego is in the habit of finding fault, and its limited perspective will take you in the wrong direction. Love your body and give it the care it needs to naturally restore balance and be healthy.

To really know your body you have to give it your full attention. Be aware of how it feels; notice what does and doesn't feel good; pay attention to physical signs and symptoms. Accept what is happening in your life as a way to reduce stress and release the underlying cause of illness and dis-ease.

The way you feed and move your body affects your soul. The lighter and freer you feel in your body the easier it will be for your soul to become enlightened. Nourish your body with plenty of organic whole foods from the earth and move your body outdoors in nature as often as possible.

Being fully realized begins with knowing your own body. Learn all you can about your organs, systems, and glands so that you can be the master caretaker of your health. Discover new ways to support your own healing and wellbeing.   

Practice mindfulness by tuning into your body. Close your eyes and begin breathing rhythmically to calm your nervous system. Notice how your belly expands as you breathe in and contracts as your breathe out. Pay close attention to the breath as it flows in and out of your body. When you do this for several minutes you will start to feel lighter and more present.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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