Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Paying Attention

Where your attention goes, energy flows. Pay more attention to the positive than the negative and you'll be in the natural flow of life. Notice the beauty that is right in front of your eyes and you'll be using your energy wisely.

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”  ~ Mary Oliver


Mother Nature naturally draws our attention to her beauty. If you're too busy to notice, you're missing out on one of the greatest gifts of being human. All of your senses were designed to pay attention to the natural world. 

Pay attention to your positive thoughts. What you focus on expands so put your attention on what you want to see more of in your life. When you pay attention to what you don't want, you're wasting energy on worry. Shift your attention to what you do want to make good use of your energy. 

Give your body the attention it deserves. Aches and pains, fatigue and burnout, are some of the ways your body communicates. Investigate your symptoms when they first appear to get to the source before they demand your attention. You can do this by tuning into your body and asking what it needs.

When you pay attention to your feelings you're demonstrating self-respect. If you don't care how you feel how can you expect anyone else to care? Feelings matter. If you ignore them they will show you just how much they matter.

Pay attention to how people treat you. If you know you're being mistreated that's a sign to remove yourself from that person's energy field and focus on your own wellbeing. Give yourself whatever space you need until you can co-create a positive shift in the relationship. 

Give your undivided attention to the people who always treat you with love and respect. These are the people you can count on. Attention is one of the top four needs of the heart. By giving someone your attention you're honoring them by fulfilling a basic human need. 

The more you pay attention to your soul, the less your ego will be in charge of your life. The ego craves attention and usually gets it. Your soul patiently waits until you're ready to listen. When you set the intention to pay attention to your intuition you'll receive all the guidance you need to live your dreams.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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