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The journey from the head to the heart will transform your life. It reconnects you to a divine state of unconditional love where your innocence is alive and well. When you extend this pure love to others their lives will be transformed.   

Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact.” ~ Martha Beck


Reconnect with your body by seeing it through the eyes of love. Find out what your body needs to return to its natural state of balance and provide it. Give your body the love and appreciation it deserves for its ability to heal itself with the right support.

Reconnect with unconditional love by giving it to yourself first. Appreciating and accepting who you are without conditions is good practice for loving others unconditionally. You can't give what you don't already have. 

Reconnect with the earth as a source of abundance. It provides everything you need to thrive from oxygen, water, fruits and veggies to herbs, oils and spices. You can find whatever you need to be healthy from mother nature's pharmacy.

Relationships provide opportunities to reconnect. Attention and affection are two basic human needs of the heart that can be fulfilled through human connection. Spend less time on electronic devices and more time giving attention and affection to the people who are present in your life.

Reconnect with your creativity. There is something within you that needs to be expressed. Once it takes form you will experience great satisfaction from what you have created with the help of your imagination.   

Reconnect with the field of infinite potentiality where all possibilities exist. It matters where you put your focus because what you focus on expands. Connect with your infinite potential by focusing on the possibilities that uplift your heart and inspire your mind.

Reconnect with beauty in nature. The difference between seeing beauty and connecting with it is the feeling it brings up. The next time you see something beautiful in the natural world breathe it in until you feel it deeply in your heart. 


With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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