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Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

Boundaries are less about excluding others and more about including yourself. Healthy relationships thrive on healthy boundaries. Even though spiritually we're all one, physically we need to honor our personal preferences.  

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.”  ~ Brené Brown


Choose to be around people who empower and energize you. Healthy boundaries need to be set with people who bring you down or drain your energy. You will have to learn how to say no to stop giving your power and energy away.   

It's up to the one who sets the boundary to keep it in place. If someone crosses a boundary you may have to reset that boundary in such a way that it won't be crossed again. For example, if you don't like the way someone is treating you and you let them know it will no longer be tolerated, you have to be willing to back that up by walking away if necessary.

Setting a healthy boundary means that you have enough self-worth to recognize what doesn't feel good and speak up for yourself. Nothing is going to change until you do. People without personal boundaries are considered doormats. Make yourself just as important as the people in your life. 

If setting boundaries is foreign to you then start with baby steps. When you realize that the people who really care about you will respect your boundaries, and those that don't will move on, it becomes easier to take care of yourself.

It takes courage to set a boundary, even with yourself. How many times have you promised yourself to change a habit or behavior that wasn't serving you and then broke that promise? A healthy boundary would be telling yourself that if you cross your own boundary of personal integrity you will have to keep learning the same lesson over and over again. 

You are surrounded by an energy field that holds your personal vibration. If you allow people to come into your field who are at a much lower vibration, you may need to clear your energy. You can do this by closing your eyes, and breathing deeply while you imagine rays of golden light streaming down from the heavens cleansing your aura. Another way is to have the intention when you take a shower that the water is cleansing your energy field.

You may need to set a boundary with your own ego. If your ego is continually putting you down and making you feel bad about yourself then the best response is to work on healing your wounded ego so that it will have a healthier perspective. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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