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Photo by Nichole Gutzeit

Self-trust begins when you realize what your body needs to thrive, and provide it. Our bodies depend on Mother Earth for oxygen, water, food, and shelter. This basic interconnectedness is the source of physical well-being.  

“The body never lies.” ~ Martha Graham


The combination of a furry friend and the great outdoors is a health prescription you can trust to elevate your well-being.The only side effects are a deeper connection with your four-legged companion and Mother Nature. 

Forest Bathing is a practice that supports the immune system. Simply by walking among the trees your health will be enhanced by the wood essential oils being emitted in the air. Strolling through a forest also strengthens all of your senses, including intuition.

Listen to what your body is saying. It's always speaking to you through symptoms and sensations. Your body could be directing you to spend more time outdoors because on this physical plane, the earth is your natural home. Trust your body's need to connect with nature as a clear path to vibrant health. 

The vagus nerve is the key to well-being. It's the longest cranial nerve that runs from the neck to the abdomen. It controls the parasympathetic nervous system that allows you to relax. The vagal system reduces inflammation, enhances memory function, helps you breathe, supports your heart, lowers blood pressure, balances blood sugar, and relays messages from the gut to the brain. When you trust your gut you're actually trusting your vagus nerve.     

You can naturally stimulate your vagus nerve through deep, rhythmic breathing; five seconds in and five seconds out. In addition, sound healing that includes singing, humming, chanting, and laughing will activate the vagal system. Trust your body's innate ability to use vibrational sound for self-healing.

Yoga and meditation stimulate and tone the vagus nerve. By sending a message to your body that it's safe to relax you'll improve your mood and increase resilience. This is an important resource, especially during stressful times. Trust that your body thrives in a state of ease. 

Intermittent fasting has been proven to increase parasympathetic activity and vagal tone. This type of fasting is based on having an eight-hour window for eating, and fasting for sixteen hours. For example if you stop eating at 7:00 pm you would eat again at 11:00 am. You could start with fourteen hours of fasting and work up to sixteen. It's easy to do once you get used to it. Try it for a week and trust your body's response.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

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