Satori Mantras

Awaken Your Dreams

Do you know how hard it is to dream big with limiting beliefs?

With our creations you can embody empowering mantras that align with your soul and support your dreams. 


I'm ready!

I Am Enough

Believe that you are enough and you will awaken the dream of an abundant life. By wearing the Black Onyx gemstone bracelet that has been infused with the mantra "I am enough" you will experience abundance.

I Am Powerful

Believe that you are powerful and you will awaken the dream of standing up for yourself and others. By wearing the Howlite gemstone bracelet, you will become a force of nature that co-creates with the power of the Universe.

I Am Lovable

Believe you are lovable and you will awaken the dream of healthy relationships. By wearing the Dragon's Vein Agate gemstone bracelet, you will wake up and remember who you really are and that you are loved unconditionally.

I Am Worthy

Believe that you are worthy and you will awaken the dream of your true destiny. By wearing the White Agate gemstone bracelet you will step into your natural state of worthiness to reach your full potential, and fulfill your dreams.

I Am Collection

The biggest obstacles to living your dreams are your own subconscious beliefs about yourself. Since beliefs are made of repetitive thoughts you can rewire your brain with more empowering thoughts that become beliefs. 

Each gemstone bracelet is energetically infused with the 'I Am' mantra that matches the energy of the stone. You may choose between a sterling silver Satori Angel charm or a gold-plated charm that is hand-stamped with the words, 'I Am' that will encourage you to awaken the dream that lives in your soul.

I AM ENOUGH ~ Black Onyx is for protection and support. It will absorb and transform negative energy. 

I AM POWERFUL ~ White Howlite is a calming stone that stimulates creativity, inspiration, and artistic expression.

I AM LOVABLE ~ Dragons Vein Agate has the power to increase love and emotional expression in relationships.

I AM WORTHY ~ White Flower Agate is a stone of balance that harmonizes the masculine and feminine aspects.

Awaken your dreams

A mantra is an instrument of thought that has the power to awaken your dreams. The 'I Am Collection' will encourage you to live your dreams with creations designed and made by a mother/daughter partnership.


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