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Restore Your Balance

In this first series of workshops you will learn how to effectively reduce stress, worry, fear, and doubt to find your balance. Imbalance is at the root cause of illness, disease, anxiety, addiction, depression, drama, and most of the ego’s unhealthy choices that cause self-sabotage. 

A balanced foundation is what is needed to awaken your soul. This series combines group coaching with practicing Satori Yoga to reduce stress, increase life force energy, elevate your mindset, uplift relationships, enjoy the present moment, and live on purpose.

I created this workshop series on restoring your balance to support you in becoming an awakened entrepreneur. This shift in consciousness has the power to inspire a global movement from fear to love. This is what the world needs right now. I invite you to join me on the hero’s journey to awakening to realize your full potential!  

I'm Carol Gutzeit, and as a life coach, author, speaker, and founder of Destination Satori and Satori Mantras, I am passionate about helping people find their joy and live their dreams by restoring balance and answering the call to adventure.

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The call to adventure 

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life? If you do, you’re not alone. Too much stress, worry, fear, and doubt have a way of causing you to get stuck in deeply ingrained patterns and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your full potential and living the life of your dreams. 

Satori is a Zen word that describes the instant awakening that occurs when your body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and you have a glimpse into the true nature of existence. 

We’re all on a hero’s journey to awakening. Your soul is your hero; it’s the wisest part of you that knows the lessons you came here to learn and will guide you on a path to fulfill your destiny. There are twelve stages to the hero’s journey that are a blueprint for your life. You will be introduced to the first four parts in this initial series of workshops.

From studying and writing about the hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell summed up life with these famous words: “Follow your bliss.” Satori Living workshops are designed to help you do just that! You will begin by finding your balance to build a solid foundation. This will prepare you to become an awakened entrepreneur and share your gifts with the world. 


"It was in this space of relaxation that the creativity and passion I thought I lost came back. New ideas for a business and brand I would start really started to take shape. Approximately one week after finishing my last session with Carol, I started my business and am excited about what the future holds. More importantly, I’m excited about the present! I feel at ease with my progress, and am enjoying both the freedom and hard work that being a business owner provides. Thank you Carol, I look forward to continuing to work with you as the next chapter of my life as a confident, successful entrepreneur unfolds! "

Jessica Crow
Founder and owner, Apogy LLC, and M3(TM), and Power Vinyasa yoga instructor

Restore Your Balance

Your investment in yourself: $200/series or $50/workshop

Physical Balance  -  Leaving the Ordinary World (2 hours) 

We live in the ordinary world where a big part of the human experience is chronic stress. There are many symptoms, sources and solutions that come with stress and in this workshop we will take an in-depth look at effective ways to reduce chronic stress, increase life force energy, and create a lifestyle based on healthy nutrition, and daily exercise. 

Stress is basically a resistance to what is happening, has happened or might happen in the future. On a subtle level, the ego is resisting the soul’s awakening because it’s used to being in charge and doesn’t like losing control. This part of the hero’s journey is about preparing to leave the ordinary ego-driven world and accept the soul’s call to adventure.

You’ll practice Energetics, the first part of Satori Yoga, as a way to soothe your ego to be more at ease, and release control. You’ll increase your life force energy with breathing exercises, yoga, self-massage and deep relaxation to prepare for the exciting adventure ahead.

Mental Wholeness - Call to Adventure (2 hours)  

The mind can either be your best friend or worst enemy on your journey to awakening. Wholeness brings balance to your life by training the mind to work for you rather than against you. In this course you will train your mind to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. You’ll be letting go of worry and allowing creativity to flow in the direction of living your dreams. 

This is your call to adventure! Your soul is waking up and co-creating your life with the support of the Universe. You will learn to elevate your mindset by getting clear about your calling, declaring it, imagining it, feeling it, and allowing it. Just as physical exercise shapes your body, mental exercise shapes your life.

You’ll be practicing Masterminding, the second part of Satori Yoga, as a way to master your mind and manifest your heart’s desires. This includes Reflection, Visualization, Expanding, and Focusing.

 Emotional Harmony - Refusal of the Call (2 hours)   

Emotional Harmony is essential for a balanced life. It means you know how to dissolve fear with love because you understand the language of your soul. The awakened soul communicates with emotions, intuition and physical symptoms related to your chakras. When you take responsibility for your emotions as your guidance system, there is no one to blame and this has a big impact on your relationships. 

Your wounded ego may choose to refuse the call to adventure out of fear. Realizing what fear really is will be part of the healing that needs to occur to accept the call.You will learn the Emotional Energy Process (EEP) as a way to get past your fears and limiting beliefs.

You will practice Emotionalizing, the third part of Satori Yoga, as a way to stimulate and tone your chakras, heal your wounded ego, and awaken your soul to take charge of your life. This includes the Tibetan Five Rites, a very vigorous form of yoga, followed by Awareness, Releasing, Enhancing, and Expression to restore harmony.  

Spiritual Freedom - Meeting the Mentor (2 hours)  

Spiritual Freedom creates balance by replacing doubt with Divine Love. When you learn to trust your intuition there is a sense of freedom that nothing and no one can disturb. You're like a radio that is always plugged in to its source. All you have to do is turn it on, tune into the right frequency, and listen.

At this stage it’s helpful to have a mentor to guide you. Your ego is used to trying to figure things out on its own and your soul would appreciate the support of a mentor to help you navigate the whole journey to awakening. You'll learn the art of Acceptance, Trust, Gratitude and Unconditional Love as a way to tap into your inner wisdom.

You will practice Innercises, the fourth part of Satori Yoga, as a way to turn inward and experience Divine Love. At the end of this meditation practice you will be guided to meet your mentor to complete your journey.



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Carol Gutzeit is an author, speaker and intuitive life coach who has a passion for helping people find their balance, discover inner peace, and live their dreams. Carol has been teaching, coaching, writing, and blogging for over 30 years to reach as many people as possible with her transformational message of personal freedom. She has created four Satori Coaching Programs and a series of workshops as a way to support people on their hero’s journey to awakening.

Carol wrote Satori Living: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love  as a manual for life. She created Satori Yoga as a daily practice for a balanced life and produced the DVD for home use. Carol is also the author of a fictional love story:  Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori.

As a certified Satori Coach, Heidi Morgan, co-owner of The Loft, will be assisting Carol in this series of workshops to share her knowledge and wisdom.

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