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Find Your Balance

Balance is the foundation of an awakened life. Are stress, worry, fear and doubt throwing you off balance? You can restore your balance in my 16-week, one-to-one, Lifestyle Coaching Program designed to dissolve these blocks and increase energy. 

Discover Inner Peace

Inner peace provides a framework for the awakened life. Are your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in self-sabotage? You'll discover inner peace once you uncover your misbeliefs and imprint new ones in my 8-week, one-to-one, Life Coaching Program.   

Live Your Dreams

Living your dreams is at the center of an awakened life. Do you ever experience a lack of worthiness or the need to limit your full potential to fit in? You'll learn how to turn the challenge of self-worth into your biggest miracle in my 8-week, one-to-one, Intuitive Coaching Program. 

The Awakened Life

Freedom is the essence of an awakened life. By waking up and remembering who you really are, you are free to co-create with the universe and manifest what your heart desires while your soul guides you to become the highest version of yourself as you grow and expand. 

I'm Carol Gutzeit, and I will be your guide on this exciting journey to the awakened life. I experienced Satori when I was thirty-three, while running on the beach in Hawaii, that completely transformed my life. The experience of coming out of my body taught me how to live in my body by finding my own balance, discovering my inner peace, and living the life of my dreams on my own terms.

I know how to dissolve the blocks of stress, worry, fear, and doubt; I have identified my own limiting core beliefs and imprinted new ones; I've learned to trust my intuition enough to turn challenges into miracles; and become an awakened entrepreneur. 

I would be honored to support you on your journey and guide you with practical tools that you can use immediately to reduce stress and increase energy; shift your mindset from fear to love; and live the life of your dreams! You don't even need to know what that is right now because what you really want, and what you love, will come together to reveal the dream that is your destiny to live.

Let me know how I can support you by sending me an email at: carol@destinationsatori.com

Life is like a dream. First you imagine it . . . then you wake up and live it.

Transforming your life takes courage and commitment

It means going beyond what's familiar to step into your full potential. Satori is a Zen word that describes the instant awakening that occurs when your body, mind, heart and spirit are in their natural state of balance and you have a glimpse into the true nature of existence. It helps to have support on your hero's journey to awakening and that's what my coaching programs, workshops, online courses, and books provide.

Check out my book Satori Living: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love as a manual for transformation.


30 Days to a Balanced Life

In this online, self-paced video course you will learn to love your body, love your life, love others, and be a source of love. It's a great way to jumpstart your journey or stay on course after you've been through 1:1 Satori Lifestyle Coaching.

"Satori Coaching is an amazing eye opener to your most inner well being, and true purpose of existence. Carol unleashed how to balance my state of well being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The most amazing realization was learning how to listen to the wisdom of my soul and to trust it."

Stephanie Denney
Satori Lifestyle Coach

"If you’re looking for a lifestyle coach to guide you to living a more balanced life you’ve found her! Carol Gutzeit coached me with others as a member of her 30 Days to a Balanced Life Program; new to yoga with health concerns of an auto-immune diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome ~ her coaching led me through concepts to improve my physical health; breathing, yoga, nutrition and meditation."

Amy Amaral

"Carol’s direct and insightful wisdom have helped me tremendously! I started this program while my career was stalled; there was something not quite right in my day to day struggle. With help from Carol, I was able to obtain new skills to declare to the world what it is that I wanted. It was an awakening to realize how important to our health, balance and operating out of love and gratitude truly is.  With her help, I am now building a new company and so excited about the future and whatever it holds. Take this program; it will change your life! "

Britt Denby

Kathy Smith, Fitness Expert

"I love Satori because it's so much more than yoga - It's a great way to stay connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

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