$10k a Month 

Learn how to manifest 10k a month with Regan Hillyer, the Queen of Manifestation. 

Destination Satori is partnering with Regan to offer this amazing training. The "$10K A Month Masterclass" is designed to help you unlock the strategies and techniques to achieve a steady income of $10K a month. This intensive training focuses on actionable steps to reach your financial goals.

This masterclass is perfect for you if:

You're ready to break free from money fears and limiting beliefs. 

You're eager to level up strategically and purposefully. 

You're ready to scale your income to unprecedented heights. 

You're tired of strategies that don't work and crave REAL results. 

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Define Your Life 
You Will Find Your Inner Freedom 
Through the Power of Healing, Empowerment,
Awakening and Transformation 

Heal Your Ego and Body 

30 Days of Healing

1:1  coaching  

Empower Your Mind 

30 Days of Empowerment

1:1  coaching

Awaken Your Soul

30 Days of Awakening

1:1  coaching

Transform Your Life 

30 Days of Transformation

1:1 coaching

Take the First Step

 Ego Types Quiz.pdf

Print and complete the quiz.

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Call: 303-601-1654


Satori Wisdom Membership

As a member you will receive:

- Weekly coaching videos     
- Satori Wisdom Guided Journal
- 8 Steps to Radical Self-Reliance  
- Email Coaching

Email Coaching is messaging between video sessions with 24 hour response window.

Here are some of the ways you can use email coaching to support your life:

Ask questions
Review Ego Type Quiz
Find solutions to problems
Overcome fears
Receive support for healing
Release past traumas
Get additional resources
Accountability to stay on course 

Monthly fee:  $20

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Carol Gutzeit

Satori Wisdom Coach

Based on my new book, Satori Wisdom: The Power of Healing, Empowerment, Awakening and Transformation

I'm Carol Gutzeit, and I will be your guide on this exciting journey. I experienced satori when I was 33, while running on the beach in Hawaii. The experience of coming out of my body taught me how to live more fully in my body by restoring balance, discovering inner peace, and defining the life of my dreams.

I know how to dissolve the blocks of stress, worry, fear, and doubt; I have identified my own limiting core beliefs and imprinted new ones; I've learned to trust my intuition enough to follow it and how to find inner freedom.

I would be honored to support you on your journey and guide you with practical tools that you can use immediately to reduce stress and increase energy; shift your mindset from fear to love; enjoy healthy relationships and live the life of your dreams with joy!

Freedom is the essence of an awakened life. By waking up and remembering who you really are, you are free to co-create with the universe and manifest whatever your heart desires.  

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