Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Healing My Body

healing health Jun 20, 2022
Photo by Carol Gutzeit
As the caretaker of your body you are responsible for supporting its healing. Every choice you make either increases or decreases your physical well-being and longevity. Invest in your health and it will provide a return on investment for the rest of your life. 
“Awareness is the first step in healing.” ~ Dean Ornish
It’s a privilege to be in a body, and an obligation to take care of it. You’re obligated to give your body the same level of attention you would give to a newborn. After all, your body is being reborn every day of your life and it depends on you to fulfill its needs. Put your faith in vibrant health as a way to heal and rejuvenate your body. 
Nutrition has proven to be an essential component for self-healing. Add more organic raw foods to your diet and you’ll be getting the nutrients your body needs to heal and be healthy. The more enzyme-rich fruits and...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Transforming Suffering

suffering transform Jun 13, 2022

Suffering is related to loss, trauma, injury and pain. The way you respond to an event in your life determines the emotional impact it will have. You can transform suffering by keeping your heart open and allowing your inner healer to mend the broken pieces. 

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths." ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Consider the vastness of the universe for a broader perspective of existence. Even though you can't control what happens in the outer world you can take charge of your own experiences. Transform suffering by having a positive perception of reality.

Although you may suffer on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, it’s your mind that makes things feel better or worse. Limiting beliefs about yourself will make things worse, empowering beliefs make everything better. When you consciously choose uplifting...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Waking Up to My Potential

Photo by Dawn Peterson
Rising above mediocrity begins with feeling inspired. Inspiration comes from the light within being reflected back to you by the outer world. Once this sudden awakening occurs you'll feel compelled to take inspired action to reach your greatest potential. 
“Potential is a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.” ~ Joyce Meyer 
When you first wake up in the morning is the best time to set a tone for the day. How you start your day is how it will unfold. Take a few minutes to visualize how you want your day to go and you'll be inspired to align your actions with what is truly possible.
It’s up to you to set your own potential. Begin the process by developing a mindset and a heartset that supports your physical and spiritual possibilities. It’s entirely possible to create your best life with the combination of a healthy...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Living a Life of Freedom

alignment choice freedom May 30, 2022

Photo by Dawn Peterson

Living in alignment with who you really are is true freedom. When you respect yourself enough to make choices that are for your highest good you encourage others to do the same. Freedom is a state of mind that allows you to see the world from a higher perspective.   

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” 
                                                                                                ~ Viktor E. Frankl
Living a life of freedom begins with realizing where you are not free. Bondage can show up in a variety of ways that include: disease,...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Managing My Energy

Photo by Chris Gutzeit

You live in a field of energy. The way you manage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy determines the quality of your life. Promise yourself that you will pay attention to these energy resources and manage them like your life depends on it.

“To be fully engaged, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.” ~ Jim Loehr 

Your masculine side relates to your body and mind while your feminine side is associated with your heart and spirit. It’s important to pay attention to the energy of both sides so that you can benefit from the synergy that naturally strengthen your chi.
Managing the life force energy that is keeping you alive begins with lowering stress. Stress blocks energy and prevents it from circulating freely in your body. Take frequent movement breaks throughout the day to release...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Healing My Inner Child

healing inner child May 16, 2022

Photo by Kirk Peterson

Caring for your inner child is about addressing unmet needs from childhood and healing emotional traumas. The process begins by creating a safe place for your inner child to hang out with you. Healing your inner world transforms your outer world.
"I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.” ~ John Bradshaw. 
You’ll know that your inner child needs healing if you have any of the following issues: chronic illness, take things personally, have an inner critic, react rather than respond, trouble sleeping, feel depressed, struggle with addiction, deal with weight issues, feel that you're not good enough, impatient, or difficulty expressing yourself. 
It’s helpful to know that you’re not the only one with a wounded inner child. The first step to healing this part of yourself is to acknowledge it. The second step is to provide a safe...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Integrating All Parts of Myself

Photo by Dawn Peterson

You have known, disowned, and unknown parts of yourself that must be accepted to experience wholeness. At the core of your being is who you really are. All other aspects are fragmented parts of your personality that need to be integrated. 
“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”Carl Jung
Integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself is essential in becoming a fully realized human being. Within these four dimensions there are parts that need to be acknowledged, appreciated, accepted and included for you to thrive. 
In the physical dimension there are many parts to your body. For integration to occur at this level it’s important to get to know your whole body, especially the parts that are hurting, injured or ill. Acknowledging what is trying to get your attention is the basis...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Raising My Consciousness

change consciousnes May 02, 2022

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

As you rise above the ocean of mass consciousness the winds of change will move you in a new direction. Keep your eyes on the horizon to expand your view of reality and allow your higher consciousness to swiftly take you towards the life of your dreams.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~ Lao Tzu


The belief system of mass consciousness is based on fear. To raise your consciousness to the frequency of love you need to trust your inner guidance. You'll know that you're operating from the vibration of love when you feel good in your body, mind and soul.

Unplug yourself from mass consciousness one thought, word and deed at a time. You don’t need more stuff, more fear, more divisiveness, more doubt or more suffering. Take charge of your life by choosing to live from a higher state of consciousness.

Raising your consciousness depends on a balance between the divine...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Developing Self-Awareness

Photo by Dawn Peterson

Being self-aware gives you an understanding of the direction your life is taking you. It increases the likelihood of being able to transform your dark thoughts and emotions into lighter ones. Self-awareness enhances productivity and leads to positive changes.

“Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong, good or bad.”
~ Debbie Ford
Self-awareness helps you take control of your life by taking control of your behavior. Begin with body awareness as a direct route to knowing your mind, mastering your emotions, improving your relationships, and living in alignment with your values.
Your body is the physical manifestation of your reactions to life. Once you're aware of your body's messaging system it’s easier to respond. Shift your unconscious behavior into conscious behavior and your body and life will reflect those changes. 
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Envisioning a New Earth

Photo by Christy Gutzeit

A new earth is where radiant souls are free to shine their light. Since we are spiritually connected our light shines brighter together, especially during challenging times. Unity is the basis for a quantum leap in consciousness that awakens the soul of humanity.

“To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we are awake within the dream, the ego-created earth-drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new earth.”
~ Eckhart Tolle
Envision a new earth as a place of vibrant health, integrity, kindness, abundance and freedom. Support this vision by integrating these qualities into your own life. It's time to accomplish your soul's curriculum and master lessons you are here to experience.
Imagine a world of vibrantly healthy people. Human beings get along better with one another and the planet when they feel good. Give your body the attention and care it...
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