Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Having Fun

Photo by Dawn Peterson

As the earth calls you to run barefoot on the grass, and the sun boldly invites you to come out and play, you’re encouraged to adventure outdoors. Trust in the wisdom of the earth and the power of the sun. They make great companions for having fun. 

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” ~ Randy Pausch


The basis of having fun in life depends on being able to allow, accept, appreciate and let go. Otherwise you get caught up in a game of control that takes all the fun out of life. Break free from any power struggles you find yourself in and you’ll have more fun. 

Allow your body to feel the inner nudges from the universe prompting you to have a good time. Fear tends to dissolve in the presence of loving your life to the fullest. Think of self-love as a natural medicine you take every time you allow yourself to have fun.

The reason that it’s important to have fun comes down to the meaning of...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Expressing Joy

Photo by Nichole Gutzeit

The hummingbird symbolizes joy because it’s both light and free as well as positive and powerful. Embody these qualities as a way to express your joy through power and positivity. You’ll discover that it’s the lightness of being free that sparks your joy.

“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” ~ Joseph Campbell


Go, grow, give, and glow with the vibe of joy to enrich your life. Make joy your constant companion and your journey through life will be more fun and fulfilling. You can   express joy by smiling, laughing creating, hugging, dancing, singing, and playing.     

Express joy through the lightness of being healthy. When your body feels good it’s only natural to smile and laugh as an expression of your physical well-being. Become a  source of smiles and laughter to enhance the sweetness of life wherever you go.

Expressing joy will free your mind from...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Seizing the Day

carpe diem seize the day Oct 11, 2021

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

Carpe Diem is the Latin phrase for “seize the day” that means to stop waiting and start living. Use this mantra to greet the day with open arms. When you seize the moment you are saying yes to life and life will say yes to you in miraculous ways.

"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” ~ Wayne Dyer


Every time you decide to go for it you are seizing the day. Go for it with your physical health, creative expression, personal relationships and spiritual growth, and you’ll not only be seizing the day you’ll be living your life to the fullest.

Make time for your health by declaring it a top priority. When you decide to go for it your body will take you on a journey of self-care that will lead to vibrant health. Seize this moment by deciding to do whatever it takes to be healthy and strong. 

Creative expression takes many forms that include: painting, sculpting, writing, gardening, photography, and creating...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Supported

Photo:  me and my brother

Support comes from both the seen and unseen worlds. In the visible world you have people showing up in your life to be supportive. In the unseen world there are invisible forces working together for your highest good to support you on your human journey. 

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”  

 ~ Sabrina Bryan


When you focus on all the ways you’re supported in life, you’ll be amazed. You have the support of the earth and all of her abundance; the support of a healthy mind and heart; the support of your family and friends; and the support of a friendly universe. 

The earth supports your physical well-being with her beauty, resources, seasons, and fresh air. Receive this support by appreciating the beauty of nature, cherishing her resources, enjoying her seasons, and breathing her fresh air deeply into your lungs.

A healthy mind and heart...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Becoming Resilient

Photo: Chris Gutzeit

Being resilient is the ability to rise up no matter how many times life knocks you down. The capacity to overcome pain, anxiety, fear and suffering develops the qualities of strength, confidence, courage and compassion. Resilience is the antidote to adversity.

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”  ~ Nelson Mandela


Resilience is based on awareness. When you’re aware of the bigger picture in any given situation and observe the behavior of others without judging them, you are on your way to becoming resilient. With awareness you can turn challenges into opportunities.

Physical pain has an emotional component. Becoming aware of the message behind the pain allows you to recover faster. Your body is meant to be resilient. It can help you make the connection between cause and effect that strengthens your ability to heal. 

Anxiety comes from a mind that is worried about...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Timeless

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

The art of being timeless begins with changing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a persona of who you used to be. As you step into the image of who you are becoming your true essence will naturally shine through. It is your light that makes you timeless. 

“The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream.” ~ Khalil Gibran


Life is timeless and yet constantly changing. It releases one season to embrace the next without clinging to its past. Think of your own life as advancing confidently from season to season with the ability to accept change and graciously move forward. 

For your body to have the quality of timelessness you must treat it like a prized possession that gets better with age. The value of a car goes up when it becomes a classic. Your body is worth more every year as long as you’re investing in its health.

Your mind...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Living in Harmony with Nature

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

Nature is the best example of what living in harmony means. She is always there for you, her health supports your own and her very existence is essential to life. The best way to appreciate these miraculous blessings is to live in your natural state of harmony.  

“Don't live by your own rules, but in harmony with nature.”  ~ Epictetus


Living in harmony with nature provides the earth element for creating heaven on earth. Being a source of light brings the fire element; having the ability to flow through life supports the water element; and breathing deeply enhances the air element. 

Your physical self is associated with the element of earth as it represents grounding and a foundation for life. Respecting the earth is respecting your own body because the two are deeply intertwined. You can live in harmony by remembering to be one with nature. 

Your mental self is associated with the element of fire. This element...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Grounded in the Present Moment

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

Being grounded on the footpath of life will take you where you want to go. As you keep your eyes on the beauty of nature you will awaken your true self and live in the present moment. To be grounded in love and beauty is a soulful way of moving through life. 

“But it turns out that people who are grounded and secure don't change much under stress. That's what being grounded means.”  ~ Michael Gruber


To be grounded is to live in a state of balance. It means you make sensible choices that are rooted in the wisdom of your soul. You’re able to navigate the ups and downs of life with a clear mind and an open heart while being fully engaged in the present moment.

When you are ungrounded you experience symptoms i.e., anxiety, fatigue, pain, dizziness and poor concentration. To alleviate these conditions you can become grounded by standing barefoot on the earth, sitting with your back against a tree, or taking a mindful walk in...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Connected

Photo by Christy Gutzeit

Make connections that uplift, energize, elevate and inspire you to become the highest version of yourself. Connect with nature to feel uplifted; connect with creativity to feel energized; connect with heart-centered humans to feel elevated; and connect with your soul to feel inspired. 

 “But I'll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything.”  ~ Alan Watts


Life is all about connection. You start by connecting with your mother, father, siblings, friends, teachers, society and the world. With all of these outer connections you may forget to connect with your spirit, which is the most important connection of all.

Mother Earth is alive. She will uplift your physical body to its natural state of well-being every time you connect with her. Make a point of spending time in nature as often as possible to calm your nervous...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Limitless

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

The journey from the ego to the soul is one of growth, empowerment, awakening, and connection. It’s your ego that has limitations while your soul remains limitless. This sacred journey is not for the faint of heart; it requires the strength of infinite love and the power of introspection to complete it.

 “We are spiritual beings whether we want to admit it or not, and inherent in our DNA is a design to return us home - home to our true essence, our greatest self, our limitless self.” 

 ~ Debbie Ford


Living in a state of expansion is the realm of your true self. Although you have an ego as part of the human experience, your soul is meant to be in charge. When you’re able to transcend the ego’s limited thinking you’ll be free to explore your limitless potential and discover the depth of your wisdom. 

 Personal growth on the physical level starts by respecting your body. It is a...

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