Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Cool, Calm and Collected

art calm collected cool relaxed May 17, 2021

Photo: Carol Gutzeit


Being cool. calm and collected is the beautiful art of ease. Stay cool and you will be like a breath of fresh air; keep calm under pressure and you will bless everyone with your peaceful presence; be emotionally collected as a way to transform chaos into peace. 


The disposition of being cool when things get heated; calm in the midst of conflict; and collected during challenging times, is what it takes to be unstoppable. Practice the art of moving through life with ease to reach your potential and fulfill your dreams. 

Staying cool on a physical level comes from activating the relaxation response. The simple act of taking a few deep breaths before you react to a heated situation will turn off the stress response so that you can respond from a place of relaxed clarity.

To keep calm in the midst of conflict takes a peaceful mindset. To develop inner peace you can practice meditation and mindfulness. Meditation is the practice of...

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