Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Empowering My Mind

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Like a calm lake, your mind can be affected by outer disturbances. A bothered mind has given its power away to either circumstances or people. A powerful mind remains calm by allowing disturbances to pass through like a ripple on the surface of a lake.

“If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.” ~ Dale Carnegie
Five ways to empower your mind are: replace negative thoughts with accurate positive ones; use uplifting mantras; practice meditation; observe your thoughts; and get into the alpha state whenever you need to solve problems, heal your body and be creative. 
You’ll know that you’re thinking negative thoughts by the way you feel. If you’re experiencing negative emotions they can be traced back to negative thoughts. You can flip a thought around by asking yourself if it’s absolutely true. If it's not, replace it.
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am On a Path of Empowerment

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

You carve a path through life with the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Empowering thoughts light the way to peak experiences. Every bold step you take on a path of empowerment moves you closer to the life of your dreams.  

“If you dont program yourself, life will program you.” ~  Les Brown


You interpret reality according to your beliefs. What you believe about yourself is the way you live your life. What you believe about others impacts your relationships. Your beliefs about the world create your life experiences. Choose your beliefs wisely.

Empower your body with thoughts that support your health. What you believe about your body's innate ability to protect and heal itself will prove to be true. Practice breathing in the light of the sun to fill your body with powerful, healing energy. 

Empower your mind with beliefs that are true. You may have been programmed since childhood to believe that you're not good...
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