Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Having a Breakthrough

Photo by Dawn Peterson

A breakthrough is like an electrical charge of love and an influx of light suddenly illuminating your heart and mind. A physical or mental breakdown often precedes an emotional and spiritual breakthrough. It's part of the natural process of awakening 

“The moment when you feel like giving up is right before your breakthrough.”
~ Victoria Arlen
Your wounded ego may very well help you survive but it can also make your life miserable. When you heal your past emotional traumas you will have a major breakthrough. Having a soul awakening changes your perception of everything.
The reason a breakthrough often follows a breakdown is because the ego has to release control by having its false beliefs dismantled one by one. It may feel like your identity is being broken apart. Fortunately, a breakthrough can reveal a much healthier ego. 
Whenever your body goes through a breakdown due to an illness,...
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