Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Making Wishes Come True

Photo by Dawn Peterson

You’re reminded to make a wish whenever you pluck a dandelion, blow out candles on a cake, or see a shooting star. There is real power in making heartfelt wishes and great wisdom in making them come true. It’s how you turn aspirations into manifestations. 

“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.” ~ Paulo Coelho
Make wishes from your heart and allow your mind, body and spirit to collaborate with the universe to make them come true. Believe in your higher self and trust in universal intelligence and your wishes will be fulfilled through inspired action and divine grace.
Make a wish for vibrant health and notice how you feel. Create an action plan of steps you will take to fulfill your wish and ask the universe for guidance and support. Look for signs that your wish is coming true as a way to strengthen your commitment. 
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