Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Feeling Optimistic

Photo by Dawn Peterson

Optimism comes from living in the light. When you’re filled with universal light all of your empowering beliefs are lit up by Infinite Intelligence. Being optimistic gives you the power to conquer dark obstacles that may appear on your path to enlightenment.

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” ~ William James
The light of Infinite Intelligence is guiding you on your human journey. It illuminates your mind with the empowering belief that things are always working out for you. Your life depends on what you believe about yourself and the nature of the universe. 
Believe that you’re good enough and you’ll feel optimistic about anything you choose to be, do or have. This belief will support you in being your best, doing your best and having your best life. What you believe drives your behavior. 
Believing that you are a powerful being allows you to feel optimistic...
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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Naturally Optimistic

Photo by Dawn Peterson

You were born optimistic. When you came into this world you knew this was a friendly universe and so you believed that life was on your side. To keep optimism alive, renew your faith in the universe every time you witness its astounding beauty.

"The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Einstein


If you believe that you live in a friendly universe your perception of life will be more positive than if you believe this is a hostile universe. You’ll see the glass half full rather than half empty because your life is the glass and you’re the one filling it. 

Optimism comes with good coping skills and the ability to take care of your health. How you respond to life and your body is an indicator of how optimistic you are, especially when faced with a challenge. Look at the bright side of everything and you’ll become an eternal optimist who sees challenges as...

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