Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Wild and Free

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

Living wild and free means you're growing in a natural environment without being controlled. By taking charge of your inner and outer landscape you are cultivating freedom. You were created to live in harmony with nature.   

“All good things are wild and free.” ~ Henry David Thoreau 


Find the similarities between you and a sunflower growing in the wild. Perhaps it's your natural tendency to turn towards the light and stay open to life. You may discover that you like being with others who love basking in the light as much as you do. Be the untamed version of yourself and see how you flourish. 

One place you can grow a natural environment is in your gut. When your microbiome is in balance your immune system can do its job. Bacteria and fungi are small living organisms that make up your microbiome. At least once a day connect with nature by going barefoot on the ground to support your health.

You are taking control of...

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Satori Wisdom ~ I Am Getting Back to Nature

Photo by Carol Gutzeit

When a flower is plucked from the soil its life force is instantly cutoff. Humans that are disconnected from the earth must find their way back to nature. Your true self will grow and flourish when you're connected to the natural world. 

"I view glyphosate as ground zero of the chronic disease epidemic of the last few decades as well as the global vulnerability in immunity laid bare by this recent pandemic." ~ Zach Bush, MD


To develop a balanced relationship with nature we need to understand its complexities. For example: there are countless viruses in the air, water and soil at all times that were here long before humans showed up. They actually exist to provide genetic updates that help us adapt to the ever-changing environment here on planet earth. 

When particulate matter from pollution, chemicals, and pesticides become attached to viruses it causes clumping and that's when the human body has an adverse reaction....

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